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Play directory : It Felt Like a Kiss

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  • Author
    Adam Curtis, Felix Barrett and Damon Albarn
  • Overview
    It Felt Like a Kiss is an olfactory-audiovisual promenade-style theatre production, first performed between 2 and 19 July 2009 as part of the second Manchester International Festival, co-produced with the BBC[1]. Themed on "how power really works in the world"

Members of Mandy Theatre Professionals UK who have been involved in It Felt Like a Kiss

  • Laura Lomax
    Laura Lomax · Production Design Assistant
    • Manchester International Festival : It Felt Like a Kiss
    • Quay House, Spinningfields
  • Hebe George
    Hebe George · Assistant Designer to the Head of Detail
    • It Felt Like a Kiss
    • Manchester International Festival
  • tim follett
    tim follett · Assistant Production Manager
  • Emily Harwood
    Emily Harwood · Design Assistant