Mercury Theatre Company

he Mercury Theatre Company was formed in 1998 by Dee Evans (chief executive) and Gregory Floy (artistic director). The objective was to develop an ensemble company, performing a classical repertoire, in the belief that this allows for the best quality work both individually and collectively, and to touch the human spirit through the Actor/Audience relationship which is at the centre of all great theatre. In addition, we ensure the best possible quality in production values, and have developed and supported the highest quality in direction and design.

In all our work the actors are at the centre, supported and aided by many in and out of our building without whose dedicated work none of this would be possible. This has generated a mutual respect and inter-reliance, resulting in both local national acknowledgement and several awards for our work. Our immediate ambitions include performing our work on a wider national platform.

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Alternative Company Names

mercury tc, Mercury Theatre, mercury theatre co, mercury theatre co., Mercury Theatre Colchester