Famous and Divine

We make work for dreamers in a society where the dreams are dying out. Our materials are sourced from all those places where the dreaming still goes on: film; music; our individual nightly odysseys whilst asleep; dancing like no-one’s watching; pretending to be someone else, someone you always wanted to be; living the unlived life.

When we’re devising we’re bringing those dreams into being; coaxing them out of their hiding places - often fragile and ashamed – and into a space where they can find their energy from others. When we’re devising we’re finding our dreaming bodies and listening to the sensuous, uncanny language that they speak. When we’re devising we’re in dialogue with our dreaming selves.

We make a playground for the self that dreams; a text insinuates, a song reminds us of a yearning long forgotten; a scene from a movie reminds you how to feel. The space becomes playful, funny and excruciating by turns.

The pieces we perform are deeply autobiographical; they are the landscapes of our dreams. And we, as performers, inhabit those landscapes by discovering all the selves we might have been and could be yet. In those landscapes we are freed from age and space and everything we thought we knew. We dream the alternatives; we dream everything we’re in danger of forgetting.

Our performances invite our audiences to dream with us; our work revels in the ambiguity of language, splits apart the unified self to reveal a multiplicity of selves as yet unexplored, accepts that the body moves in unexpected ways, loves metaphor and free association, plays with meaning and continually remakes the world as a space of possibility. In revealing the landscapes of our dreams we reveal a half forgotten language of human playfulness and creativity.

We have toured our work to the International Performance Festival, PAD, Mainz (2009, 2011), Houston Fringe Festival (2011) where Fugitive Songs was awarded ‘Best in Show’, Brighton Fringe Festival, Bath Spa Live (2009, 2011), and Sprint Festival at Camden People’s Theatre (2009)

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