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Paines Plough

Paines Plough is an award-winning nationally and internationally renowned touring theatre company, specialising exclusively in the commissioning and development of contemporary playwrights and the production of their work on stage.

We tour the work throughout Britain and overseas ensuring the widest possible audience can benefit from it.

We work with both new and experienced writers and develop plays with a ground-breaking and highly respected programme of workshops and readings.

In order to inspire new playwrights and find new audiences, we also have a pioneering education and outreach programme which focuses on encouraging people to write.

Our writers are encouraged to be courageous in their work, to challenge our notions of theatre and the society we live in.

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Alternative Company Names

Paines Plough (at Sheffield Theatres),Paines Plough and Oval House,Paines Plough and Sheffield Theatres,Paines Plough Theatre,Pains Plough