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About National Theatre Wales
National Theatre Wales creates bold, invigorating theatre in the English language, rooted in Wales, with an international reach.
We aim to engage and involve you in surprising ways and unexpected places. We have and will continue building strong relationships with theatre makers, creative talents, participants and audiences in and beyond Wales. Everyone can be part of the National Theatre Wales community at
We will continue to open up the possibilities in theatre, identifying topical issues and expressing them in surprising and imaginative ways. We are collaborating with a wide variety of artists and finding new ways for audiences to be part of our work.
We will continue to be pioneering in the work we make and the way we make it.
National Theatre Wales will bring directors and companies from across the world to work with Welsh artists, actors and participants, creating new languages of theatre. We will make links with key festivals and venues to present Welsh work internationally. We will partner with other 'small countries with big neighbours' and places where we share connections, stories and ambitions. National Theatre Wales will always aim to create work that is of international standard in its aesthetics and execution.

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Alternative Company Names

National Theatre of Wales Team,National Theatre Wales,NTW and Told by an Idiot,Wildworks/National Theatre of Wales