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Lyric Theatre Hammersmith

The Lyric Hammersmith aims to produce work that is provoking, entertaining, popular, eclectic, messy, contradictory and diverse.

We want to be at the heart of our community as well as being internationally recognised. We want to celebrate the unique vision of the writer as well as the creative power of collaboration. We want to work with the best theatre artists around as well as encourage the next generation. We want to lurch wildly between high art and populism - hopefully achieving both at the same time.

Beautiful theatre, cheap tickets, great pizza and a new rooftop garden.

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Alternative Company Names

Hammersmith Lyric,Hammersmith Theatre,Lyric Company,Lyric Hammersmith,Lyric Studio Hammersmith,Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith,Lyric, Hammersmith,The Lyric Hammersmith,The Lyric Theatre