The Goats Theatre Company

Why the Goats?

We are called the Goats theatre company from the greek meaning for tragedy: goats play.

Why did the Greek call their plays goats plays?

Actors re-imagine stories or moments of history and, for a brief time, live as their characters. These portrayals of the good and bad allow us to learn about our own lives. They are the scape goats who suffer so that we can learn from their mistakes. We are the Goats...

What are the aims of The Goats?

The aim of The Goats is threefold:

For the Kids - Educational Repertory Company

The Goats is a repertory company providing a platform for education in a fun and friendly format. We aim to make literary material accessible to a wider community in an innovative way. All our shows contain instrumental and vocal scores as well as dancing.

The Tribe - Repertory Company for the Community

The Goats is a repertory company providing shows in the round in the form of sketches taken from either the literary classics or modern material based on themes. All our shows contain instrumental and vocal scores as well as dancing.

Play the Goat - New Repertoire

The Goats aim to provide a platform for new writers and directors to present new short and full length plays in a variety of formats.

Vocal Music is provided by the Erato Consort, musical director Katherine Fellowes.

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The Goats Theatre Company Limited is a company incorporated in England Registered no 7336208

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The Goats Theatre Company Jobs

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