Mingled Yarn

From Penelope’s loom to Charlotte’s Web, stories have been strung and woven for thousands of years. The earliest forms of storytelling were passed from mouth to mouth. Eventually the stories became plays, and out of ritual and religion, theatre was born.

Mingled Yarn aims to continue the tradition in which drama began by taking old stories and new-minting them for our times. In exploring the oldest and most fundamental stories and plays, we have produced renovations and re-imaginings of classical texts, new plays devised from old tales, and adaptations of myths and books.

Our work has taken place all over the country in a range of theatres, workshops and site-specific locations. Working mostly with small, young casts we aim to create theatre that captures the thrill of being told a tale.

Threads tangle, yarns mingle, but in the end all stories unspool towards their destination.

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