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Production Manager Case Study : Sundeep Malhotra

Sundeep Malhotra

A case study provided by Sundeep Malhotra, a Production Manager listed on Mandy Theatre Professionals UK.

To learn more about Sundeep Malhotra you can view their full CV here.

Question 1: What is the most rewarding aspect of working as a Production Manager?
Seeing the production from its infancy to completeion. Working to Budjets with a team of proffesional from every department.
Question 2: What are the key skills required to be an effective Production Manager?
Good Communication, Knowledge of all deciplines, team worker.
Question 3: Do you see your role as a natural step on a career ladder, and if so what is the next rung?
Question 4: How did you work your way into your current role?
Natural Progression from Theatre to Corporate Events.
Question 5: How much do you think networking helps towards landing a job in the industry?
Yes it helps, networking enables you to exchange ideas and working practices and you can call on one another for more information and trouble shooting.
Question 6: Do you think you will be working in the industry in the next five years, and if so in what capacity?
Hopefully yes and as production manager for a production house.
Question 7: Please describe what a typical day working as a Production Manager might contain?
A typical would be to attend meetings with next producion staff, get updates from each department on their progress, trouble shoot any problems and liase with director with progress.
Question 8: Have you done any additional training courses to further your career?
I have a Health and Saety Passport valid till 2012
Question 9: How important is working for free at the beginning of your career?
V important as it gives you a insite on how the industry works and helps you to start meeting and working with paid proffesionals