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Production Manager Case Study : Santiago Genochio

Santiago Genochio

A case study provided by Santiago Genochio, a Production Manager listed on Mandy Theatre Professionals UK.

To learn more about Santiago Genochio you can view their full CV here.

Question 1: What is the most rewarding aspect of working as a Production Manager?
Seeing a project take shape; arriving at a bare and empty site, and a week later seeing the production in full swing.
Question 2: What are the key skills required to be an effective Production Manager?
The ability to effectively and quickly analise and prioritise information; clear, polite and effective communication; stamina (for those 20 hour shifts...)
Question 3: Do you see your role as a natural step on a career ladder, and if so what is the next rung?
I think sometimes it can be hard to see where to go with this skill set. That is a challenge I'm currently facing.
Question 4: How did you work your way into your current role?
I volunteered on numerous project for no other reason than fun. After a few years people started offering me paid work.
Question 5: How much do you think networking helps towards landing a job in the industry?
literally 100%.
Question 6: Do you think you will be working in the industry in the next five years, and if so in what capacity?
Dont know.
Question 7: Please describe what a typical day working as a Production Manager might contain?
Briefing with clients and contractors, on site management of crew, sourcing, etc.
Question 8: Have you done any additional training courses to further your career?
yes. Indurstrial qualifications and H&S
Question 9: How important is working for free at the beginning of your career?
I dont think anyone has got paid work in this inddustry without working for free first.