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Production Manager Case Study : Matt Henry

Matt Henry

A case study provided by Matt Henry, a Production Manager listed on Mandy Theatre Professionals UK.

To learn more about Matt Henry you can view their full CV here.

Question 1: What is the most rewarding aspect of working as a Production Manager?
When my communication and problem solving skills create a positive effect on the production: Chairing a successful, productive Production Meeting. Coming up with solutions to difficult problems. Coming in under budget!
Question 2: What are the key skills required to be an effective Production Manager?
Communication Skills Level Headedness Logic and Problem Solving Practical skills and knowledge in all Technical Areas
Question 3: Do you see your role as a natural step on a career ladder, and if so what is the next rung?
Either moving on to larger scale Production Management jobs or using it as a step into other departments: I do a lot of Stage Management and Technical Management.
Question 4: How did you work your way into your current role?
Simply by working on smaller scale projects, gaining experience in the role.
Question 5: How much do you think networking helps towards landing a job in the industry?
It's practically impossible to get anywhere with out developing contacts and relationships with others in the industry.
Question 6: Do you think you will be working in the industry in the next five years, and if so in what capacity?
Yes, to an extent, possibly in slightly larger scale Production and Stage Management posts as well as possibly working in the TV & Flm industry.
Question 7: Please describe what a typical day working as a Production Manager might contain?
Checking emails and answer phone practically twice an hour. Heading to rehearsal venue to catch up with director and stage management. Meeting a designer to discuss the set. Driving to various DIY shops to solve technical aspects of a show. Visit the venue to discuss various aspects of the show with the venue staff. Heading home mid evening to spend 2-3 hours working on production paperwork such as Risk Assessments, Production File, CAD drawings.
Question 8: Have you done any additional training courses to further your career?
First Aid
Question 9: How important is working for free at the beginning of your career?
Working for carefully selected jobs for free at the beginning of my career has helped me to develop contacts as well as gain experience in the role