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Box Office Coordinator sought. Previous experience essential. Competitive salary upon application.


Lighting Technician sought. Previous experience gleaned from a similar role advantageous, including having worked on a c...

Audio Technician


Audio Technician sought. Previous experience essential. Competitive salary upon application.

Venue Administrator


Venue Administrator sought. Previous experience essential. Competitive salary upon application.

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My last five jobs have come from Mandy Stage, and I find the service very useful and great value for money. The website is a valuable tool for keeping up with who is where and doing what, so even when I'm working I like to check in and see what’s going on! — Sarah Quinney, Theatre Professional
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Easy to use and a great way to get in touch with employers. It's been vital to kick-starting my career since graduating and I've found some amazing jobs along the way. Hopefully there will be many more to come! — Christina Leach, Theatre Professional
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Can’t believe i've only been with Mandy Stage for 2 months and already had amazing job opportunities and potentially full time employment through their amazing site! — Megan Harrison, Theatre Professional
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Thank goodness for Mandy Stage!! Brilliant. — Taraneh Meen, Theatre Professional
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Since I joined Mandy Stage, I have had some good and exciting jobs, that I most certainly would not have known about without your excellent site. I would highly recommended it. — Paul Leslie, Theatre Professional
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Absolutely love! I've found so many opportunities that have got me experience while I study so thank you! — Sarena McIlwaine, Theatre Professional

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